Osveh Bokhar Alborz Company with two decades’ experience, is a supplier of various types of catalysts, chemicals and equipment for various industries of oil, gas, petrochemical, refinery, drilling, power plant, steel and mining.
OBACO operates in the process of supplying goods with the benefit of experiences, specialized resources and comprehensive upgrading of the performance system, and in order to expand and develop the country’s industries, its goal is to increase market share and customer satisfaction.


Osveh Bokhar Alborz Company, based on the experiences and capabilities in the supply of goods for its employers and in order to adhere to customer satisfaction, focuses on providing technical and economic advice to customers regarding the correct choice of goods before ordering and support of technical and commercial services, from the time of ordering to the end of delivery.
Because we believe that continuous and stable trade is achieved when, in addition to supplying goods based on design standards and criteria and the demands of the employer, always be with employers as a consultant and intermediary in answering the ambiguities, questions and probable problems with manufacturer.


  • Maintaining and upgrading the position of Osveh Bokhar Alborz Company in the country’s industry in the supply of equipment for various oil, gas, petrochemical, refinery, drilling, power plant, steel and mining industries, relying on continuous improvement of service quality.
  • Increase market share and portfolio of products and services that can be provided to customers by obtaining more agencies from reputable foreign manufacturers
  • Strive to become one of the best and most reliable suppliers of goods and equipment in Iran and world through the development of foreign investment and partnerships by 2026