About Joiner Machinery-China 

JOINER MACHINERY is a professional research and development and manufacturing enterprise of twin-screw extruder auxiliary machines and accessories.

With nearly 20 years of experience in the development and production of complete sets of twin-screw extruder core components, the products involve threaded components, shafts, barrels, side feeders, etc., and provide tailor-made solutions for customser.


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JOINER brand twin-screw extruder parts have been used in Coperion, W&P, JSW, KOBE, TOSHIBA Buler, Andritz, Clextral, Labtech, Maris, KraussMaffei, ICMA, Kurimoto and other internationally renowned brands. The industry involves the plastics industry, the petrochemical industry, powder coatings, food industry, wood plastics and so on.
The company not only supplies the spare parts service for domestic first-line brand OEMs and plastics manufacturers, also sells them to Poland, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Turkey, UK, USA, Mexico. Russia, Brazil and other twin-screw extruder manufacturers and user.

After 20 years of accumulation, Joiner has accumulated a wealth of experience and expertise in twin-screw. Not only can it provide accessories services all the year round, but also provide component combination technical services.

JOINER people are waiting for the guidance and cooperation of the community with full enthusiasm.


Range of work:

φ15.6mm – φ400mm

Quality Control :

1- All the materials are purchased from the domestic brands or Eurpean twin-screw specialty materials suppliers,which tested by elemental analysis and metallurgical inspections to ensure the quality.

2- The internal splines are checked by the spline plug to ensure interchangeability of the elements.

3- All components are machined by CNC machines to ensure the shapes and tolerances of the elements.

4- Adopt the European high-speed steel powder processing technology, and do the treatment according to the strict heat treatment process to ensure the wear and corrosion performance same as the foreign brands.

5- Professional technical team can not only provide timely and accurate mapping sample design but also the combination of elements of technical services.

6- There are various prepared technical information and the fixtures for the various brands extruders to ensure the timely lead time. common components have a lot of stock, even the new one, it can be delivered within 45days.

7- The modern management system ISO9001 2015 can ensure the products 100% qualified and tracked.


  1. Barrels
  2. Shafts
  3. Side Feeder
  4. Screw Segments

Barrels are suitable for the following extruder products lines :

  • Labtech
  • Lantai
  • Leistritz
  • Maris
  • OMC
  • JSW
  • Keya
  • KOBE
  • KraussMaffei
  • Berstorff
  • Toshiba
  • APV
  • Buhler
  • Buss
  • Clextral
  • Coperion
  • Theysohn


We manufacture barrels for co-rotating twin screw extruders ranging from 12 mm to 350 mm and over. Our manufacturing specializes in barrels for twin screw extruders and is optimized for flexible order handling.

Types of Barrels

Standard for classification: Design geometry

  • Feeding barrel
  • Closed barrel
  • Vent barrel
  • Combi barrel
  • Extended degassing barrel
  • Combi barrel with backward venting


Our shafts have been successfully applied in the production of different extruder models at home and abroad, and has been unanimously recognized by customers.

Range of Work :

Diameter : 10-300 mm
Length : 500-14000 mm

Types of Shaft :

  • Single Keyway
  • High torque key button
  • Involute inner spline
  • Rectangle spline
  • Square keyslot
  • Dual keyslot
  • Round keyslot
  • Client’s requirements available

Side Feeder

JOINER employs segmented screws with a self-wiping profile to provide optimum feeding properties for a wide range of raw materials such as fillers, fiberglass, talcum powder, calcium carbonate and most inorganic materials.

Side feeders are used for the following reasons :

  • Reduction of wear costs in the melting section of the main screw and barrels
  • More gentle processing of fillers
  • Increase in throughput
  • Increase in quality through the enough fixing
  • Lower the cost

Our CWJ side feeder range is available with a screw diameter from 25mm to 130mm.

Screw Segments

We manufacture screw and kneading segments for co-rotating twin screw extruders ranging from 15.6 mm to 400 mm and over.
Our manufacturing specializes in segmented screws for twin screw extruders and is optimized for flexible order handling.

Screw Segments Include :

  • Convey Screw Segment
  • Mixing Screw Segment
  • Kneading Block & disk
  • Transition Screw Element
  • Deep groove transfer element
  • Screw element for side feeder
  • flighted,2-flighted,3-flighted screw elements
  • OEM special screw elements