Osveh Bokhar Alborz Company, with sufficient experience and knowledge of the needs of the oil and gas industry, especially onshore and offshore drilling operations, as well as having business partners in Germany and China, is active in the supply of drilling equipment. This complex can supply a variety of drilling engines and drives, onshore Drilling Rigs, Wellhead Equipment, Drilling Pipes, Drilling Bits, Workover Rig, Coil Tubing Machine, Nitrogen and Liquid Pumping Unit, Cementing Equipment, Crusher Equipment, Drawworks, Crown Blocks, Traveling Blocks, Rotary Table, Mud Pump, Wireline Unit, Logging Unit, Slickline Unit and Grease Injection Pump from reputable European, American and Asian sources.

Download presentation file of Drilling Equipment (Offshore & Onshore)

Wellhead Equipment

Coil Tubing Machine

Drill Pipes

Drilling Bits

Nitrogen and Fluid Pumping Unit

Cementing Equipment

Crusher Equipment

Mud Pump

Workover Rig

Wire line & Slickline Machine