About Proximotec

Since its beginning, ProximoTec’s focus has always been reliability and availability of Reciprocating Engines, Compressors and Pumps.
Now with more than 30 years working in the reciprocating compressor & engine sector, ProximoTec has provided its products and services in Europe, North & South America, the Middle East and Asia.

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Exclusive Representative Of PROXIMOTEC In Iran :

  • V-Valves (A New Generation of Compressor Valves)
  • HOLIZTECH ANALYTICS Unit (To Test and Optimize Reciprocating Pumps and Compressors and Diesel Engines)

1- V-Valves (A New Generation of Compressor Valves)

The V-Valve™ is an innovative compressor valve that sets new benchmarks in compressor valve performance. Developed after 25yrs experience of compressor valve diagnostics, these valves act as individually replaceable cartridges that can be quickly replaced in the field without any machining or lapping.

The straight through flow design guarantees flow increase, outstanding energy efficiency, lower power losses and increased running hours to name but a few of the benefits. Because of the V-Valves™ highly aerodynamic flow path, turbulence is reduced in turn decreasing pressure drops and increasing flow. This leads to dramatic energy savings, increased precision closure as well as high resistance to corrosion and wear.

Aerodynamic flow reduces turbulence in the compressor and contributes to the cleanliness of the equipment. The strong plates are made for high pressure and speed which contributes to fatigue reduction and extended service life.


  • The reciprocating compressor valves are the “heart” of the machine.
  • Compressor valves are the leading cause of more than 70% of unscheduled shutdowns.
  • The valves fail mainly due to the mechanical impacts of their opening and closing during the operating cycle. The valves operate in a “self-destructive” manner, which also reduces operating hours.
  • Most of the conventional valve suppliers focus their efforts on reducing the mechanical impacts of the valves through the use of damping plates. This often compromises efficiency, performance, and / or reliability.


  • Superior High Effective Flow Area (EFA)
  • Strong plate thickness for high operating pressures and temperatures, lower pressure drops, higher fuel efficiency
  • Streamlined flow path, and self-cleaning
  • Advanced valve element configuration, reduces fatigue stress for extended life.
  • Very strong valve plate design for operating at high pressures and high speeds
  • Valves common for most all applications, reduced inventory required
  • Strong pressure plate with large affective surface area
  • FLOW path “ Turbulence” in conventional valves increases power consumption
  • Superior Valve Efficiency and performance
  • The V-valve features a highly streamlined flow path.
  • Reduced turbulence lowers pressure drops and increases flow.
  • Dramatic energy savings.

2- HOLIZTECH ANALYTICS Unit (To Test and Optimize Reciprocating Pumps and Compressors and Diesel Engines)

Maintenance of reciprocating equipment needs intelligent, reliable and scalable technologies that provide a holistic maintenance approach to existing programs. HolizTech™ is the 1st reciprocating machinery diagnostic software, hardware & service that delivers actionable intelligence, holistic insights and prescriptive monitoring for your reciprocating assets.
Reciprocating machinery data is one of the most underused and undervalued assets of any organisation. There is valuable information hidden in this data.
Reciprocating equipment data is valuable because it contains a conclusive record of all the activity and behaviour of your compressor or engine. It includes information from many sources, data from API’s, process information, change events, the output of diagnostic commands, and sensor data from industrial systems and PLC’s.
Our approach requires much more than data and machine learning algorithms for predictive analytics, certainly much more to do prescriptive analytics. Our holistic approach provides a solution where the software does intense data gathering, data validation, real time processing and works with existing operational and maintenance systems to alert for intervention to prevent problems.
This device could be delivered in portable and online types and by using artificial intelligence and unique algorithm for vibration and performance data analysis, improves the prediction and prevention of defects of compressor, motor and pump. The portable type is capable of collecting data from all valves of the equipment and can also be used for long-term data collection, in order to eliminate the effect of changes in operating parameters.
Traditional reciprocating equipment troubleshooting methods are highly dependent on the experience of data analysers, Our patent-pending approach to monitoring valves through pattern recognition and machine learning sets the HolizTech approach apart from the rest. This technology can easily be applied to engines as well as compressors even by unexperienced people after a short-term training.
We apply robust algorithms to accurately pinpoint problems early. Earlier detection and lower cost than other online reciprocating monitoring systems. With our AI Cloud-Based technology, HolizTech provides D-ARM (Digital-Acoustic Remote Monitoring), monitoring engines and compressors from anywhere in the world. By adding UHFT (Ultra-High Frequency Technology), the Holiztech system can detect leaks and “blow-by” much sooner than traditional methods.


Capabilities :

  1. Early detection of leaking valves with pinpoint accuracy
  2. Incorrect spring tension
  3. Crosshead and head-end vibration (traditional)
  4. Broken Springs
  5. Leaking rings…
  6. Valve train (cam, guides, lifters, linkage…)
  7. Worn, scored liner and piston
  8. Port/bridge wear
  9. Carbon in ports
  10. Wrist pin

FAQs :

1- Is the measuring frequency range fixed or could be regulated?

It can be regulated according to user needs.

2- What kind of diagrams does the analyzer generate?

Its, pressure if needed, Db and standard overall vibration readings, also process data from J1939.

3- Are FFT and SPECTRUM generated?

Yes, Spectrum could be displayed.

4- On what basis are the diagrams generated?

They are custom set top based on user requirements

5- What kind of data does the device need?

Acoustic. Temperature and standard J1939 process info or Xl data

7- How user friendly is the analyser and software?

Standard setup and very user friendly.