HST Hoppe Your expert for conveying technology, vibrating machines and plant engineering from Germany . Raw materials or products are transported in all industry sectors and we are real experts exactly in this field. Our team has decades of experience in the sector of vibrating machines and plant engineering. And this in any sector of conveyor technology–ranging from chain conveyor to belt conveyor and sand cooler. In this way we keep the material flow running, get your work pieces moving and put your ideas into motion – Keep in motion.

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Our strengths

With our knowledge and business, we are able to respond innovatively, flexibly and quickly to our customers’ wishes and needs. We offer complete, comprehensive solutions at competitive prices – always according to the requirements of the market.
Based on useful know-how and the flexibility of a medium-sized company we are sure that we are and will be able to deliver convincing solutions in the vibrating machine sector as well as for numerous other market segments. Thus, we have been the partner for many years whether innovative ideas, excellent service and excellent quality are concerned.
HST Hoppe was founded by engineers and technicians who were able to gain their knowledge in well-known, internationally acting companies in the sector of vibrating machines and plant engineering for many decades. These experiences gathered – in sales, development, construction, manufacture, putting into operation and service – have been optimized according to our standards and employed by us successfully for our customers in all over the world for many years already.

Our Products

From shake-out table to cyclone separator: Our range of services is substantial and customized. For we know that there are actually no standard solutions for our customers. Not only planning and development but also construction and manufacture as well as assembly and commissioning -Together with our customers we always look for the best solutions, the most efficient conveyor systems or perfectly adequate components for your individual requirements.

Our Vibration Machine are used in many fields. The following are the most important applications:

1- Chemical industry : Cooling and drying of various products directly as well as indirectly.Screening and conveying various bulk materials.

2- Foundry industry : In process of Casting-Sand Separation, conveying of casting and old sand as well as cooling of casting and old sand you will find the application of our technology. We construct complete Charging Systems and Alloy Charging Systems.

3- Stone Industry : Screening of sand and stone materials with using single-deck or multi-deck screening machines.

4- Food Industry : Conveying, cooling and drying of various materials in production of food. Complete design in stainless steel. The machines could be constructed to meet individual needs of our customers.

5- Steel Industry : The most typical application in steel industry are charging feeders or screening machines of slag or dust.

6- Recycling : We develop special solutions together with our customers for conveying, screening and drying of different materials

7- Charging of limestone furnace / Limestone Industry : Charging of Lime Stone into the furnace with using tube feeders, conveying of limestone using vibration feeder and screening of limestone

8- Cement industries : Our machines are used for conveying hot and abrasive materials as well as drying of slag.

9- Raw material : Conveying and screening of various raw materials like coal and ore.

10- Waste burning : Transport of slag using vibration feeder.

11- Sand blasting machine : Vibrating feeder used as charging and discharging channel and screening machines for sand blasting machine.